How to Find Out What Theme a WordPress Website is Using

Can you help me to resolve How to Find Out What Theme a WordPress Website is Using

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  • By clicking on the URL it will open the style.css file.
  • You will see the theme header block which contains information about the theme used by the website it will see on the top of the style.css file.First of all you can choose the right theme, when you start  with a new website. There are some methods  which guide you  how you to find out which WordPress theme a website is using.      Find which WordPress theme used by a Website with IsItWP

   IsltWP is online tool which allow the user to look up plugins and theme used by a WordPress.


  • If you want to check , visit IsItWP website.
  • Enter the URL of a website.
  • IsItWP will check if your website is using WordPress. IsItWP will check for the WordPress themes the WordPress website are using. It detects WordPress plugin used by the website.
  • It will show the result with more details about the plugins and theme you can used by the website.
  • IsItWP is not able to offer you details about a custom WordPress theme or a child theme. It will show the name of the theme you can google it to view if it’s usable for download.


Manually Detect WordPress Theme Used by a Website

Sometimes the website owner change the WordPress theme name. To stop this we have a tool like IsIWP to detect which WordPress theme they are using.  It contains theme header which tell WordPress the name of the theme, theme author, URI, vision etc.

  • You can visit the website. To Right click anywhere on the screen and you can select ‘View Page Source’ from the menu.
  • It will help you to open the source code of the page you are viewing in a new browser tab. Now you find the source code that looks something like this:
  • You can find the Theme’s URL or Theme Author URL which can lead you to the theme used by the website.


Finding The Parent Theme

Most of the WordPress websites use child theme to customized their websites. We use theme header which contain all information about the parent theme..

If you wish to resolve this kind of problem  you just have to read this complete article.You have also other option of getting help using our WordPress customer service dial, +1 844 897 0441. For more help and support : How to Find Out What Theme a WordPress Website is Using


Answered on December 8, 2017.
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